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Maleja Rodríguez

Maleja Rodríguez is a Puerto Rican director born and raised in San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico. Since she was little, she showed interest in acting and audiovisual media. In 2004 she moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina where she completed a degree in filmmaking from the Center for Cinematographic Research. After two years, she returns to her island and begins to work in different areas of the production industry. She developed experience in production, casting, art, wardrobe departments, and later in directing. During the years 2008-2014 she became known for her excellent work as an assistant director, both in advertising and film productions.


In 2014, Maleja released “Vidal”, her first short film, marking the beginning of her career as a director. Over the years, she has directed music videos for renowned musicians, singers, and bands. She also has vast experience directing TV commercials for brands such as Banco Santander, Toyota, Mitsubishi and Pepsi, among others. Her work shows a great domain of actors and a very elegant aesthetic. Her passion is photography, architecture and design. She enjoys challenges and loves to tell stories.

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